Jaguar F-Type in Palos Heights

There are few names in automotive history with as much presence and heritage as Jaguar. It's racing pedigree and long reputation for performance and style have put it towards the top of the list for both luxury and sportscars alike. Jaguar have taken another massive leap forward with their flagship sportscar, the F-Type. With looks to kill and performance to die for, you need the Jaguar F-Type in Palos Heights.

The F-Type Jag has an impressive model lineup to choose from. But before getting too deep into things, you have the choice of coupe or soft-top convertible. MSRP on the latter start at $65,000 and $69,000 respectively. If you've chosen the convertible you'll have the sub-model choices of the 340 horsepower base model F-Type, 380 horsepower F-Type S, 495 horsepower F-Type V8 S, or the 575 horsepower track-mongering F-Type Project 7. In the path of the coupe you can have the 340 horsepower base model F-Type Coupe, 380 horsepower F-Type S Coupe, and the savage 550 horsepower V8 F-Type R. Every powertrain option in the F-Type model lineup comes supercharged for maximum linear power delivery. Bypass valves through the exhaust give the F-Type it's throaty volcanic note as you put your foot to the floor. Palos Heights won't know what hit them when you storm the streets in any F-Type.

QuickShift ZF 8-speed automatic transmission are fitted to the F-Type models, providing efficient and seamless gear changes across the entire rev-range. Adaptive technology allows the transmission to learn what gears are best for varying situations, or you can take over the shifting via the paddle-shifters behind the steering wheel. Advanced aerodynamic design across the body creates a slippery yet planted profile for impressive maneuverability at speed. The front lip spoiler channels airflow beneath the body and across the bonnet, while the rear spoiler is raised to provide upwards of 265 pounds of rear downforce. Forged aluminum double-wishbone suspension keeps a stable platform under heavy cornering and works with the Adaptive Dynamics to measure and quantify steering inputs, chassis movements, and tire loads to best control the car under a multitude of driving situations. Optional carbon-ceramic brakes provide maximum stopping power and control without fading. The F-Type R comes equipped standard with Torque Vectoring; to control both understeer and oversteer, braking force is applied to either the left or the right side of the car, which keeps handling at its peak.

There are more than enough reasons why the F-Type Jaguar is the car for Palos Heights. The only question remaining is are you the driver for the car? This is no humdrum sporting coupe to fill the midlife crisis void. Jaguar have unleashed a car which is as beautifully styled as it is a technological masterpiece. Sports cars be wary, Jaguar has just raised the bar.

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