When it comes to pure, unrestricted driving, the car becomes a part of us. The engine revs as our heart beats, the tires grip as our knuckles go white on the steering wheel, and the exhaust bellows and we exclaim right back. We sweat and we bleed for our cars and they return the favor time and time again. Jaguar knows better than anyone that our cars live and breathe as we do. Here is Jaguar's Alive Technology in Tinley Park.

Cars are needed to perform above and beyond their driver's limits, they need to understand and adapt to the world around them. Jaguar's Alive Technology proves that no matter how hard you push it, your Jaguar is always responding. Instinctive AWD systems monitors the wheels, calculating how much torque to be delivered to a wheel at any given time to maximize performance. The Adaptive Dynamics control the cars body roll through steering inputs and suspension changes 500 times a second, keeping your Jaguar flat and nimble through the bends. Jaguar's signature unique aluminum alloys provide an unrivaled combination of strong and lightweight design. Intuitive Technology takes hold of you once inside the cabin; intelligent headlights and a self-raising gear selection knob come to life at the touch of the push button start.

If there is one thing Tinley Park needs out of it's Jaguars, it's performance. Trust us, you will not be disappointed. Whether your needs are better suited for the 2.2L I4 Diesel, or the supercharged 5.0L V8, Jaguar will get you where you want to go smiling. Jaguar's Torque Vectoring system keeps your racing lines tight and fast; by systematically applying the brakes to either the left or right side of the car, both understeer and oversteer can be limited and controlled. This allows for you to push harder through the corners and still come out quickest. Active Differentials are another new technology at Jaguar; most notably in the F-Type Coupe. By monitoring wheel speeds, steering angle, and body angle, the Active Differential can then determine the locking torque of the rear of the car, providing both a faster and safer driving experience.

Jaguar believes that thinking of a car as just the machine for getting from A to B is to think of your legs in the same way. Sure, it does do just that, but it's so much more. Driving should be an unforgettable experience. And that is exactly what Alive Technology in Tinley Park IL will do. It is awe-inducing, jaw-dropping, and life changing technology that dances on that fine line between man and machine.

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