Lately everyone has gotten just a little more nostalgic from "Full House" reunions to a "Boy Meets World" spinoff, everything is making its way back. It seems like car manufacturers are no exception. Jaguar is joining in on the nostalgia by announcing that they will be restarting the E-Type production.

The E-Type cars were quoted as being the, "most beautiful car in the world" by Enzo Ferrari. The Jaguar Lightweight E-Type was supposed to have 18 cars in the collection, but the project was suspended in 1964 after only 12 were built. The car was designed specifically for racing. It is lightweight for more speed and better performance. They even shaved off ounces by leaving out unnecessary chrome work. The cars in this collection weight 250 pounds less than the standard E-Type.

They plan on only completing the six remaining cars for the "Special GT E-type Cars" collection. They are said to be perfect reproductions according to the original specifications. They are also using the original chassis that have been laying around for the past 51 years and they will be completed in house by the Jaguar craftsmen. The completed 12 cars were used by legendary names like Graham Hill and Jackie Stewart, making these very historical and sought after cars by collectors.

They will be completed by 2016 and collectors will be fighting to get their hands on one for these six Jaguar Lightweight E-types. Jaguar says they are targeting people that will actively use these cars. They are said to be running around $1.6m and they will even be raced at classic events, in order to test the new built models with the classics. Find out more about Jaguar restarting the E-Type production in Palos Heights.

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