Jaguar C-x17 in Illinois

When people think of Jaguar the first thing that comes to mind is a fancy sports car with a leaping feline on the hood. They might even think of Don Draper desperately trying to his sell his idea to the Jaguar account, but these images are becoming outdated. Jaguar has revealed their first ever sports crossover vehicle with the new Jaguar C-x17

The Jaguar C-x17 is the first SUV to come out of this luxury company. This new sports crossover concept vehicle has the same sleek design expected from the company but is able to add benefits and accessibility that come along with being an SUV. It has rear wheel drive, rear exist detection, torque vectoring and good fuel economy, all important features for an SUV. It also has outstanding interactive surface control. Most cars have at least one touch screen as a standard feature, but the C-x17 has a whole series of them. With these screens, users can upload pictures, video and sound files from their smart phones and share them with everyone in the car.

Another important feature is the extra space. Not only does this vehicle have a sleek sophisticated design, but it is comfortable for both passengers and driver. This is for the family that likes to get places in style and comfort. Another concept new with this vehicle is the intelligent aluminum architecture. This enhances not only performance, but weight saving. This might be the first Jaguar with this design, but it won't be the last [one]. All of these innovations come beautifully wrapped in three vibrant color choices: Caesium blue, Liquid Aluminum and Liquid Gold. Even the names express with how luxurious this vehicle is.

The Jaguar C-x17 will not be available North America until 2015, but when it is, make sure to stop by Homewood, IL for a test drive to experience this sports crossover concept in person. This definitely is not Don Draper's Jaguar.

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