Jaguar Performance Driving Academy Tinley Park IL

With most of the cars on the market today, just about everything you need to know about the vehicle can be learned by paging through the owner's manual. When it comes to the models in the Jaguar lineup, however, discovering everything that the vehicles are capable of can only be accomplished by getting behind the wheel. That's what the Jaguar Performance Driving Academy in Tinley Park IL is all about.

The Jaguar Performance Driving Academy allows you to tap into the full potential of a performance-tuned Jaguar in a controlled track environment, and as you have a professional driving coach at your side at all times, you can rest assured that you'll get the complete Jaguar experience. Four Jaguar models--the XFR, XJR, XKR and F-Type R Coupe--are at the academy and you have the choice to drive any of them.

There are three course levels of the Jaguar Performance Driving Academy. The first course is free to US Jaguar owners who have purchased their vehicle within the last year, but it's also open to drivers 21 years of age or older who want to get immersed in the Jaguar experience. The second and third levels get more serious. There is advanced instruction that involves challenges which help you better maneuver the cars.

It's worth noting that the Jaguar Performance Driving Academy is always moving around. This year, it will take place in three different locations spread throughout New York, Florida and California. So, we won't be having any professional driving instructors or the full-on track experience in the Illinois area, but that doesn't mean that you can't get a hands-on experience of all that Jaguar models are capable of.

If you browse through our new car inventory, you'll find that we have a number of performance-driven Jaguar models for sale here in Tinley Park, all of which are available to test drive. While our team of Jaguar experts are not professional driving instructors, they do know just about everything there is to know about the models in the Jaguar lineup. So, be sure to schedule a test drive to experience Jaguar today.

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